Warranty on Slab Foundation Repairs

Rock Solid Foundation Repair provides a lifetime transferable warranty on slab foundation repairs, demonstrating our commitment to stand by our work for as long as the home stands. Our warranty is among the best in the industry, but there are some important details to be aware of:

  • Change in Ownership: If the property changes hands, the new homeowner must take action to transfer the warranty. While lifetime transferable warranties can be assigned to new property owners, the transfer is not automatic. Contact us for the transfer process, which typically requires assignment within 30 days of the property title transfer. A transfer fee is required.
  • Actions that Can Void the Warranty: The warranty may be voided if the home undergoes substantial alterations, such as home additions, major plumbing leaks, or a pool constructed too close to the foundation.
  • Natural Events that Can Void the Warranty: The warranty generally does not cover damage caused by natural events like fire, earthquake, flood, or storm.
  • Foundation Maintenance: To keep the warranty valid, you must maintain the foundation. Many foundation issues arise from uneven soil moisture levels. A reputable foundation repair company will help homeowners address drainage and landscaping issues to prevent future damage. Failure to maintain the foundation after repair may result in the warranty being voided.

Warranty for Pier & Beam Foundation Repairs

Rock Solid Foundation Repair provides a warranty for work performed on any slab foundation or exterior pressed piers installed for a pier-and-beam foundation for the life of the structure the foundation supports. This warranty is subject to the conditions, specifications, and limitations which are described in the warranty paperwork.

Rock Solid Foundation Repair’s intent is to permanently stabilize the foundation within one part in 240 parts (1″ settlement in a 20′ horizontal span or 1/4″ in a 5′ horizontal span).

For all other work covered by this Agreement on a pier and beam foundation, Rock Solid Foundation Repair warrants the work for one year from the completion date.

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